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Shippan Auto Body

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  • Stamford, Connecticut 06902
  • 203-358-9719

    Extensive Auto Paint Work

    We Have Two Downdraft Spray Booth Ovens

    Factory-Approved Paint Systems to Color Match Paint

    If your car is dented or scratched due to an accident, bring it to Shippan Auto Body. We use factory-approved paint systems to color match paint.

    We have two downdraft spray booth ovens. Both the booths are heated to bake the paint on. When you choose us, you’ll get the exact results you want.

    Take Care of Your Car

    • Avoid car washes that use rotating brushes and harsh cleaners.

    • Avoid waxing for three months after repairs.

    • Wash off any gas, oil or fluid spills of any kind immediately with soap and water. Don’t just wipe off.

    • Immediately wipe off any bird droppings, tree sap or other signs of contamination.

    We have a fast turnaround time. Contact us today for quality auto painting services.

    Call us today for FREE estimates on our services.

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